The author of the books being offered on this website, and through other markets, has been successful in the business world, as President of an insurance company and in the formation and development of several companies. He spent many years as a motivational trainer of sales personnel for insurance companies. In recent years, his energy has been directed toward being an author and conducting workshops for aspiring writers.  His life has spanned the depression of the late '30s, numerous recessions and inflationary periods in the American economy so he writes with authority based on experience.


Lincoln Heritage Life Insurance Company- President -1975 -to1983

Pacesetter Management Corporation - Founder and CEO  - 1981 to present - .

Lincoln Heritage Marketing Center - Founder and CEO - 1983 to 1996 - Insurance marketing. Merged with Pacesetter Management Corporation in 1996.

Capital Funding Corporation - Co-Founder and CEO - 1986 to 1991- Insurance marketing through financial institutions - Sold in1991.

First Investors Group - Founder and CEO -1990 to 1999 - A publicly owned holding company acquired by Citizens Insurance Group now listed on the New York Stock Exchange (CIA).

Pacesetter Publishing Founder and CEO-2018 to present-

 Motivational Speaker 2019 to present-